We think it is really important to understand where all our food comes from. We enjoy eating meat but want to make sure that it comes from animals that have led a healthy, happy life.

Ex-battery Hens

At allotmore we have a small flock of ex battery hens that we keep for eggs and to keep us amused.

When they arrived at Wood Farm they were bald, weak and really didn't know how to cope with the outside world. It has been our pleasure to watch them discover what it is like to be able to spend your days pecking around outside. They have now mostly grown their feathers back and enjoy their lives. They reward us with a good amount of eggs each day and seem pleased to see us everytime we walk past.


We also have a small herd of pigs that we used to clear the land but were such good fun that we decided to keep them on. The current litter have recently been weaned and Lizzie, our sow, is soon to be in pig again.

On a very small scale we grow the pigs and then sell the meat. It is very important to us that the pigs lead stress free happy lives and we think that shows in the flavour of the meat. The pigs are great fun to watch. We spend far too much time looking at them when we are supposed to be busy.


We've recently recieved 15 Turkeys for our 'Grow Your Christmas Dinner' promotion

Ducks and Geese

We're building a pond to store water for irrigation, so we've got some ducklings and goslings to guard it for us.