Frequently Asked Questions

Why are allotmore plots smaller than a traditional allotment?

We find the sheer size of the traditional plots a bit dauting, they take a lot of maintence and life can start getting a bit stressful trying to keep all the weeds under control. We hope that our 5m x 6m (that's around 16 x 20 feet) plots are manageable and still large enough to produce enough veg to keep you going. Our comfy clubhouse and provision of tools means that you don't have to take up vital space with a shed or compost bins. You can also use the greenhouse for seedling / getting things starter.

If you get started and find that you really do need more space please let us know. We will do all we can to accommodate your needs.

How much is the monthly subscription fee?

Click here to see the allotmore membership options.

Does paying my monthly fee mean I own my plot?

No, the monthly fee pays for the allotmore services and club house and for access to the plot but doesn't give you ownership of the land.

Why can't I put up a shed?

We have put a lot of time and effort in making the clubhouse a place we hope you will like to relax after a hard days digging so hopefully you won't feel the need for your own shed.

What animals do you have on site?

Pigs cleared the land for the plots. They did such a good job clearing and we liked them so much we decided to keep them on and have a go at raising them for meat. We also have a small flock hens which we keep for their eggs; they build up in the clubhouse and their an honesty box there if you would like some. A couple of sheep are keeping the grass down. The animals provide a great attraction for kids and a lovely distraction for grown ups.

Do you sell any produce from the animals?

Yes, we usually have plenty of sasauges, bacon, chops and various roasting joints available. Please ask at the club house or mail us for availability and prices. Eggs are also available from the clubhouse.

Can I feed the animals

They would love you to, any vegetable scraps from your plot are fine, but please have a chat with us first about anything else as they do have dietary requirements and we want to make sure they don't eat anything they aren't supposed to however much they make big hungry eyes at you!

Are you organic?

We don't have an organic certification but the land has been fallow for a long time and has been cleared using pig power rather than chemicals. But members are free to use chemicals if they wish so long as they repect their neighbours and keep things to their own plot.

What tools do I get the use of?

Garden forks, Spades, Trowels, Hand Forks, Rakes, Hoes, Wheelbarrows and Kneelers. Bamboo canes and string are also freely available.
If you think we are missing something vital let us know.

If I want to bring a specific tool that you don't loan out, Can I leave it there

Certainly, but at your own risk I'm afraid, we're only insured for our own equipment.

Contact Us:

Jo Bellingham

tel 07970 255 651