Why would I want to become an allotmore member?

1. You will give yourself a space to grow your own fruit, veg or flowers even if you don't have a garden at home. Knowing where your food comes from will give you peace of mind and a great sense of satisfaction.

2. allotmore is a great place to spend time with the kids and teach them where food comes from, you never know they might even eat sprouts if they grew them themselves!

3. We are all so busy these days we forget how nice it is to spend a bit of time outside in the fresh air. Spend less time in the supermarket and more time in the field. Give yourself a bit of head space.

4. An allotmore plot is cheaper than a gym membership and you can get fit tending the plot and then eat the results as a reward.

5. Growing your own reduces your carbon footprint by reducing your food miles. You don't need to miss out on exotic veg either you can get all kinds of seeds and revisit some old favourites that have gone out of fashion.

6. allotmore is a great place to watch and learn more about wildlife - hopefully not as it eats your seedlings though!

7. allotmore removes the stress of a traditional allotment. If you are away on holiday your plot will be looked after so you don't come back to a forest of weeds or a barren desert where your plants used to be.

8. allotmore is a little bit more comfy than a traditional allotment; we have toilet facilites, tools, tea and coffee, and an area where you can relax and survey your work.

9. Growing your own is great fun and very satisfying and allotmore is a great place to do it!

10. You need a 10?!?

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Jo Bellingham

tel 07970 255 651