Terms of Membership :

Membership Fees

1. As a member of allotmore, you will pay a fee according to the fees outlined on the membership options page. This covers access to theallotmore Club House and facilities, use of shared tools, use of the weeding and watering service and a weekly update on your crops. Monthly fees must be paid at the begining of each month either by standing order, cheque made payable to Allotmore or cash to Jo.


2. allotmore is a place to grow your mind, as well as your veg! Members are welcome to bring friends, family and even the dog to enjoy the experience but must be considerate of other members. Treat other people and their plots with respect, don't "borrow" anything from another member even if they haven't been using it for ages. Don't light fires on your plot or bring rubbish from home to burn. Plant waste that is generated on you plot can be disposed of in the communal compost heap and we will arrange bonfires at suitable times so no one gets smoked out.

3. No subletting of your plot - if you don't want it any more just let us know (see Notice Regulations - Point 8)

4. We have put up a lovely clubhouse that we hope you will enjoy using. To keep things neat and tidy, we ask that you don't put up sheds, greenhouses, or other structures on your plot. If you would like something along these lines, please ask and we will see what we can do to accomodate your requirements. Small low poly-tunnels, cloches and coldframes are fine. If you're unsure, please ask us.

5. Please don't use barbed wire on your plot. It's nasty stuff and we have the scars to prove it! We have barbed wire at the edge of the site as a precaution to stop deer and we reckon that is probably enough.

6. allotmore is home to pigs, chickens and bees (and these are just the animals we have chosen to have on site - there are probably lots more too!). We ask that you don't house any livestock on your plot, but you are welcome to spend time with the current residents! We would welcome any suggestions for the expansion of our stock, so please let us know if you think there is anything we have missed OR If there's anything you feel we should have, please let us know and we'll see what we can do.

7. Having an allotmore plot is a great step towards a healthy lifestyle, why not take another one and cycle up to visit your crops. We know that isn't always going to be possible - that hill is a killer and a bumper crop of spuds weighs a tonne but please bear in mind that Wood Farm is a family home (and a great place to be a kid - big or small) so drive carefully as you never know when small people might be out and about.

Notice Regulations

8. Both parties (allotmore and the Member) have the right to give 1 month's notice to leave the site. We ask that this is done in writing to keep everything nice and clear. If you fail to comply with the allotmore rules (as described above) we may have to ask you to leave. In this event, the notice period will not apply, and termination of our agreement with be effective immediately. We hope that this won't happen though!


9. In the event that you fall into arrears with payment for your plot, allotmore reserves the right to terminate your membership immediately unless a mutually satisfactory agreement for timely payment can be reached.


10. At allotmore, we will do our best to make sure that your crops bring you a bumper harvest. We have done all that we can to stop rabbits and deer gaining access to the site, and the pigs have done their best in fertilising the soil. We will weed and water when you can't make it and our experts will be on hand to offer advice; however, nature is sometimes cruel and we can't guarantee that things will always grow the way you would like them to.

Contact Us:

Jo Bellingham

tel 07970 255 651